Our Campaign

Save Rupert Brooke Country is a fundraising campaign undertaken by Stand Against Lodge Farm Village (SALFV). SALFV was formed in August 2016 as a response to Rugby Borough Council (RBC) including a housing development site - Lodge Farm Village - in their Local Plan.

The Lodge Farm Village site is approximately 5 miles south of Rugby, lies within the Parish of Grandborough and is apparently proposed to cover a housing shortfall in Coventry.

Oddly, should Lodge Farm Village be built, it would be located at practically the furthest point in Rugby Borough from Coventry. RBC's previous draft of the Local Plan had allocated a site - Walsgrave Hills - at the closest point in Rugby Borough to Coventry...

...but, the Walsgrave Hills site was removed from the Local Plan in July 2016 and replaced with Lodge Farm Village.

Our main objections against Lodge Farm Village are:

Even the Leader of RBC voted against including Lodge Farm in the Local Plan! This was in June 2017, when RBC voted down an amendment to remove Lodge Farm from the Local Plan by 20 votes to 18. As a result, Lodge Farm will be part of the RBC Local Plan that is scrutinised by a central government-appointed Planning Inspector in late 2017/early 2018.

SALFV's Santa Stroll - December 2016

The examination in public of the Local Plan now provides the best opportunity to stop Lodge Farm Village once and for all. SALFV has assembled an expert team of barristers, solicitors and technical experts. They will present our strong, justified and technically-correct arguments against Lodge Farm to the Planning Inspector. Ultimately, SALFV seeks the removal of Lodge Farm from the Local Plan and is supportive of the Walsgrave Hills site being re-instated.

The SALFV volunteers who have worked tirelessly to stop Lodge Farm Village since August 2016 come from all walks of life and backgrounds. None of them have anything to gain from the Walsgrave Hills site being re-instated in the Local Plan, save that the corresponding removal of Lodge Farm Village will protect their local area - Rupert Brooke Country.

SALFV are working in partnership with the following parish councils:

who represent the communities that will suffer most if Lodge Farm is built. With our partners and team of experts, we will present a clear case to the Planning Inspector for the removal of Lodge Farm Village from RBC's Local Plan.

Any surplus funds at the conclusion of our campaign against Lodge Farm Village will be donated to The Friends of St Cross, a Registered Charity who supports The Hospital of St Cross in Rugby.

(PayPal payments can also be sent directly to admin@salfv.org. Please contact us on info@salfv.org if you'd like to donate by bank transfer)